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Double Glazing and UPVC Windows

Advanced manufacturing techniques, a meticulous survey of your property and expert craftsmen ensure a perfect fit, whilst a wide range of opening styles and powerful multi-locking systems help you to stay warm, comfortable and secure.

Premier windows, porches, patio doors and conservatories are available in white, wood grain, rosewood, light oak and two-tone (white on the inside, a different finish outside). In addition double sculptured windows are available, more flexible in shape and design than traditional double glazed windows.

Certass registered, Premier meets industry standards to ensure quality and value. Above and beyond the industry standards are the Premier standards of friendliness, enthusiasm, service, no hard selling and highly satisfied customers.


The latest in energy efficiency are windows

Low-E (emittance) coatings are highly reflective, transparent coatings applied to the inner layers of window glazing. Because they are designed to reflect long-wavelength infrared radiation, less heat is transferred through the window, either from inside or outside the home.

This new advanced coating makes your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer, bringing you energy savings on heating fuel costs in winter and cooling in summer. Also with modern frame materials, warm edge spacers and inert gas filled gaps you can save the environment as well as your hard earned money. In addition the well known property of double glazed windows' insulation from noise outside is enhanced by a larger gap between the double panes. Contact us for upvc windows, local upvc windows, tade windows and doors, finance on windows, aliminium windows and doors, trade windows, diy windows, new upvc porches, new pvc doors supply services, upvc windows supply services, surply upvc windows and doors. Get quote for upvc windows, trade windows, diy windows, supply upvc windows and doors, trade windows and doors, aliminium windows and doors, tade windows and doors, finance on windows, Get Instant Quote.


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